How do I reset my password if I have lost or forgotten it?
I am new to McDelivery™. How do I set up my account?
How much time does it take for McDelivery™ to arrive after ordering?
How do I change my stored delivery addresses?
Can I change the email address for my account?
Can I contact McDonald's™ to change the email address for my account?
I've forgotten/cannot log in with my email address registered previously on www.mcdelivery.com.cy. What must I do?
How do I start ordering?
Can I place an advance order?
How do I place an advance order?
Is there a delivery surcharge?
Is there a minimum order value for delivery?
Do you offer the same menu options for McDelivery™ as in the restaurants?
Can I make changes or cancel my order after it has been placed?
What are the payment options available to me?
How do I check the status of my order?
Where can I change my account info?
When can I order McDelivery™?
Is there a limitation to McDelivery™ orders?
How will I know when the restaurant received my Online Order?
McDonald's does deliver to my area but my address is not found in the search results. What should I do?
What do I do if my order arrives with missing items?
Do you offer discount cards?
Can I redeem a free offer coupon on McDelivery™?
Still need help?

Please contact our McDelivery Call Centre at 77772626 or email us at support@mcdonalds.com.cy.