Nutrition Tips


A healthy breakfast can jumpstart your metabolism. It leads to small healthy meals throughout the day which keep your energy up and your metabolism going.


Add carbohydrate to your breakfast! Carbohydrates have no fat and are full of energy which allows your brain to function better. Sources of carbohydrates are bread, crackers, cereal, flour, rice cakes, muffins and many more.


A high fiber breakfast will regulate your intestinal function and lower your risk of various diseases. In addition, a high fiber breakfast will give you the feeling of fullness which will enable you to eat smaller meals the rest of the day.


Eat 5 fruits and vegetables every day! You can start by adding some spinach and mushrooms to your breakfast omelet, tomato, cucumber and lettuce to your breakfast sandwich and strawberries or banana to your breakfast cereal.


Spice up your breakfast oatmeal by adding raisins, apple and cinnamon. This great taste will allow you to enjoy your oatmeal without the addition of sugar, while you increase the fiber content of your breakfast