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Job Descriptions

The management ladder at McDonald´s™

To reach the top you must always take one step at a time, enjoy and make it count. There are 3 stops before you can reach the top of the restaurant management ladder. The speed at which you progress is up to you and we encourage our people to progress as much and as fast as they can. The levels you must go through and take as much as you can from the experience are:

Manager Trainee

At McDonald´s™ there is an intense training method which lasts a total of six months. This includes practical training in the restaurant, as well as the study of the manuals, so that the Trainee can learn how the system works correctly.

During the first three months, the Trainee goes through all the stations in the kitchen. In the next three months, the training is based on the correct treatment of personnel, learning the products and the equipment.
The main aim is achieving the high standards of McDonald´s™ in Quality, Service and Cleanliness, as well as the professional viability of the Company.

Swing Manager

The Swing Manager´s duties are to supervise personnel, to supervise the products and equipment, with the aim of achieving the high standards of Quality, Service and Cleanliness. The professional viability

Second Assistant

The Second Assistant’s duties is the supervision and training of personnel to achieve the high standards of Quality, Service and Cleanliness.

He/she has the responsibility of ordering supplies from the Distribution Centre, of increasing sales, as well as the weekly Crew Schedule.
The business results and the restaurant’s profits are one of his/her main responsibilities.